Thursday, August 26, 2010

Until the last breathe

Is everybody happy? I want everybody to be happy. I know I'm happy.

this is what the famous actress Ethel Barrymore, said before her last breathe on June 18, 1959

death, its what takes a precious life away. it stops the memories and even a happy ending. everyone seems hopeless when death is the topic that comes without expectation. for whom the death is unpredictable. it might come and go. for the last thing human will wanna do before they die is hoping. hoping to continue to survive. for everytime they wake up in the morning, warm feeling of calm, rejoice and grateful surrounded their heart. they're grateful for their heart is still beating. but they know, soon or later, they'll miss the beating of their heart. they know they have not much time left for them. for the last minute of their life, they will try to make it as precious as they can. so that everyone will remember them and no one will ever forget. therefore, they start to give a wide berth from everything thats stupid. knowing that your life will end in any second, your breathe will stop in no time, a great pressure hits your heart. those who surrounds you will not be heard anymore. day past, the heaven's door seems so close to you. doesnt that make you feel down ? no one can guess whats gonna happen in the future. am i gonna live forever ? how long will i live ? thats the common questions being ask by us, human. death doesnt promise us good life. but the love and blessing of God will keep us closely with Him. but the thing is, will we appreciate life as it is going to end very soon ? nevertheless, no one can decide for you. its you who decide whats left for you. every second and every minute that pass, the less time is left for you to live. think of this. it might help to make you see whats missing.

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