Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fear of insects

well, i hate insects. i hate them so much. even a small ant will freak me out. i could barely had a guts to touch them. i swear i'll not touch any kind of insects you can think of. people will think that i just pretend to be afraid when some freaky insect is around. but the truth is, i dont. i had been hating these insects since the day i was born. hahaha. i will jump when i see a small ant, bugs, spiders, cockroaches. any insects, you name it i'll fart. i hate the fact that i have a phobia of insects. everyone keeps on throwing bugs toward me. i will jump scream and get hysterical. hahaha. this fear of insects is called insectophobia, acarophobia or entomophobia. i dont know whether there is a cure for this phobia or not. i search the net but im too lazy to read all the small words there. oh myyyy, my eye hurts !

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