Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kick those balls of yours

here comes the day when i thought everything's gonna be okay. yeah sure it is okay. we had each other. what more can i say. but i disagree on how things work now. we are miles apart now. i can't just simply walk on my bare foot just to catch a glimpse at your face. i know it's indeed hard but we have to try don't we darling ?

watching everyone else with their loved one around them makes me feel like imma complete loner. being apart with you doesn't seem to be the greatest thing ever happened to me. you might scare the shit out of me sometimes with your action and stuff but i am in control of all that. i can't imagine how other couple survive when they are in our situation right now. we only had a clean hour to contact everyday excluding the weekends. plus, i will have to cooperate and tolerant with all your excuses whether to be with your friends & etc.

sometimes i do feel like a jellyfish just stinged me right in the heart but i try my very best to understand you. we have to wait for 3 months to meet with each other again. i know things will be completely different then. who knows you will not treat me as you always did but hell yea i'm going to kick your balls lol

there's a lot more to write but i'm just going to lock those thoughts in my mind. till then, i love you darling.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dinner photo

this photo was taken during the dinner last Friday at Highland Restaurant. it was me and my babe Vivianne Jackie. ily babe.

Friday, September 2, 2011

This is how nature works

i guess this is it. it's the practice for us to be far away from each other. i'm not ready yet for this to happen. yes, i am not ready. who would tell me everything that happened in this world later ? who would tell me that even a lion grows blossom in its heart ? who would ? no one will. because it is only you who would tell me these nonsense things. no one else. but one day you came up to me and say you are going far away from me ?

i know it sounded selfish but fuck that fishy thingy, i would miss you to death. it is a human nature but please it's hard to be accepted. where ever you are, bare in your heart that i will miss you forever. God knows what's best for both of us.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


We all have secrets. 
Some that we carry for others and some of our very own. Regardless of the nature of the secrets, they create a significant weight on our shoulders. The secrets we hold close to ourselves - the ones we are afraid to even think about - are the ones that weigh the most.
We carry these secrets in our bare hands in fear of losing them. Losing a part of ourselves. We grip them so tightly, so strongly, that they become imprinted upon our palms. Faint lines that will forever remain. So we shield our palms and we shield our secrets. Almost too well. 
As time passes, our secrets become foreign to us. We lose sight of their reality and begin to question them. They seem to disappear, only to burn our palms and remind us of their existence. The faint imprints burn red and sink deeper into our flesh. The further we run from our secrets, the deeper they grow into us. 
It’s time to let go and let my palms heal.

Guys should have known about this

Don't take too long to text her back. it makes her feel you're talking to someone more important than her.


Real love ? it's when you go through hard trials of trust and sacrifice, but you still wake up every morning falling in love all over again.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 things i hate the most

1. periods
2. stupid boys
3. the DEBATE between loving food and being fat