Friday, May 21, 2010

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My grandmother died on January 4, 2004 at the age of 74. I have never seen anyone share this great of a relationship before. They would always eat together. If she didn’t eat, he wouldn’t eat. If she didn’t sleep, he wouldn’t sleep. Ever since she has died, my grandfather has been trying his hardest to be strong and live until it’s his time. He told my grandmother before she died, “Please don’t cry, I will be with you once my time has come to an end. Do not worry, I will be there with you, holding you tightly.” She had tears coming down her eyes. While she was sleeping in the hospital, my grandfather would always put his chair next to her bed and hold her hands. He would talk about how they lived their life together. How happy he was more than anyone. He’d tell her everything before they had to pull the plug.
When the day came to pull the plug, my grandfather got dressed up like he was about to get married. As he went to the hospital, he bought flowers just for her. Once he got to the hospital, my grandmother was sleeping. My grandfather told her that she was the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. He’ll love her forever and only her. No one else. As the nurse came in and asked if it’s time, tears just came pouring down his cheeks. My uncle nodded. After the nurse pulled the plug, my grandfather looked at us and told us, “It was for the best. She’s now in a better place. I will be seeing her soon..” Then he turned around and walked towards her.
He did what he was doing the days before. He put the ring he bought her on her finger and sat there crying. As the funeral came to date, my grandfather tried his best to smile so that many people won’t come up to him ask ask if he’s okay. He doesn’t like it.
When the funeral was over and every one was waiting outside. I came back inside to use the restroom, then I saw my grandfather talking to her. He just kept talking about the past. From the first day they met, till the day they had to part.He promised her that he’ll never re-marry anyone. Till this day, he hasn’t. I’m happy that he keeps his promises.
There are many grandmothers that I’ve seen trying to holler at him and I find it pretty weird. He tells them that he isn’t interested and that he’s sorry. You can see the look in their eyes because they’re hurt that he said that but they really don’t understand what he’s gone through.
Today is now, May 15, 2010. My grandmother is now 81. Oh how the years has passed by us. We miss you grandma. We’ll never forget you. <3>

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