Thursday, May 20, 2010

And yes, that would be it

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i'm on my way learning the tabs misguided ghost by paramore. oh man it was easy. i thought it was complicated but it surely not that hard. i'm bored and i'm looking for other song that required tabs. i need it badly. i search for some tabs recently. fortunately, i found a beautiful composed tabs by Damien Rice - 9 crimes. fugs, it was beautiful. i learn it in 2 days. it's quite confusing at first (as i've told you i'm not that good)

i advanced for some credit just now. i didn't answered my hp when he called me. fugs ! i left my hp upstairs. he don't know that i'm home early today (i guess). but nvm. i'll use all my credit to call him letter. i'll try to find the reload card after i burn my ass on the chair later.

i'm still looking for some songs. i'm totally bored adn hungry :(

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