Monday, May 24, 2010

It's killing me

hi human :)

oh fugs, math is killing me ! all the quests were making me nuts just now. i think almost 15 quests i just shoot it in the dark. i don't care if it's correct or wrong because, again i'd not enough time. fugs, i damn hate that. it was sir muniandy who prepared the paper. no wonder it was that hard.

khb paper ? i don't know anything. everything that i read this morning, non of it came out. shit ! i'm wasting my time learning form 3 chapters. it was all the form 2 and 3 chapters came out instead ! gah ! how stupid is that ? haha.

tomorrow ? geography and science paper 1. i'm okay with science. i just have to revise some of it. but geography ? i totally hate it. i never going to remember all the maps and stuff. geography is my killer subjects. i didn't touch any geography book since i was back from school today. i'll be burning my ass on the chair tonight hoping that i can catch something a bit in my head. can't wait for this saturday. ttfn

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