Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's sunday

hi human :)
it's sunday morning today. i have to go to the church today. unfortunately, i didn't. mom didn't wake me up and i don't know why. we didnt go to church recently. i've been asking why to mom but she gave m some nonsence excuse. weird.

i woke up early today not knowing that we didn't go to the church. sunday, i have to burn my ass on the chair again today. i got test tomorrow. i havent learn my geography and history. oh yeah, not forgotten that khb. i hate it alot. i have to focus on that damn subjects today. history, 3 more chapters to go in form 3 not mentioning all the chapters in form 1 and 2. i have to cover all the chapters.

geography, i have to cover 10 chapters in form 3 and all chapters in form 1 and 2. geography is the tougest subjects for me. i hate to memorize all the places and maps and everything. world map, sarawak's map, even the malaysia's map i dont know anything about it. haha. khb ? all the chapters i think. i dont know anything about it. im completely blur. but last time i didnt study anything in khb. i didnt even touch the book. but i can score in that subjects. weird. haha.

no outing today, i guess. i hate staying at home. ttfn.

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