Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I miss you

yawww. this happens like almost all the time. hahaha. i remember back then when i was in form 2. i remembered when it was english class, i wont listen to any of the words that said. that was the time for me to chit chatting. i talk and talk and talk and talked. i dont know why but i really loved being in that time. will just pretend not to look at us at all. i miss her now. i dont know why but i really do miss her ;( we received a letter from her yesterday. she said she missed us too. when she teached us, we will not listen to her. we were so busy talking here and there. she used to cry because of us. she used to dance and sing her MJs' songs. hahaha. oh yea, she used to do some 'poco poco' step in front of the class too. and now, i really do miss ! and mr.zairul too. i didnt come the last day last year. they said that mr.zairul cried. i missed seeing him cried. fffffuuuuu ! 

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