Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I was wondering

this conversation means alot eh ? have you ever feel like this ? don't deny it okay ? everyone does. have you ever wonder why should you be the one who suffer the most instead of the one that you're in love with ? have you ever think of it critically ? sometimes, it seems unfair for us but it might be the only way you think that your love one will notice you. but it is not necessarily be like that. we often seen in the movie, whereby the heroin will sacrifice their times, needs and everything in order to let their crush notice them. they stated that they prefer to wait for them hoping that their love will be noticeable. i mean, whats the point ? whats the fuck with that ? oh wait, did you said that you'll do anything to gain his/her love ? ask yourself. did you really did all the things that you should ? have you ?? NO ! you know you haven't done anything yet. if you really think that you really love this girl/guy, you surely will tell them how you feel. well, if thats really love i guess. you'll never miss any opportunity to confess your true feeling. any opportunity is precious. i mean, why dont you try to take chances ? just this once. find any chance to confess anything. it will be worth it in the end, i swear. but if it isnt, i guess you'll have to come back to your old drama character who keeps on waiting and waiting and waiting. worthless ! no one will look down on you if your love is being rejected. it proves that you really are brave enough. but what will happen if they did accept you ? grateful. thats what suppose to be in your mind. be grateful of what you have. never ask for more. but try to give more and in the end you'll get unexpected joy. believe me. bear these words in mind. some people, they will deny any feelings that they had towards others. whats the point ? you dont tell any lie to anyone but you lie to yourself indeed. everyone of us will says that we dont give a fuck to any lies. but what if you're the one who lie to yourself regarding your true feeling ? that will surely hurts. nothing hurts more then feeling like having what you want than hiding it to yourself. these deeds will only be done by some idiot who thinks they can but a chicken iindeed. they just pretend to be brave but when it comes to love case, they're the one who will never admit ;bout their true feelings. lets not give a fuck to these people okay ? peace be with you.

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