Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All we need is iamgination

imagine ! such a powerful word. it brings tonnes of meaning. these days, imagination seems to be one of the things that always be with us. no matter what we did, there were always be an imaginations. people will say theres no need of imagination. you know what ? fuck you ! hahahaha open your mind dude. aint you the dumb ass who thinks you're cool enough and says I DONT NEED IMAGINATION ? well guess what, you should learn from spongebob. even a weird sponge knows how important that IMAGINATION ! people, sometimes you just cant always live in reality. sometimes reality seems to be so cruel. you need your imagination to make you stronger. it's what leads you to happiness. i don't mean you don't need anything else rather that imagination but the point is, it is just as important as anything else. it means a lot sometime. and huf hufff im coughing. dammit i hate that. i don't know what to type -_______-"  

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