Saturday, November 13, 2010

Am i old ?

gahhh. im tired. i went to Angelina's spa with my mom today. we did some facial. so this girl asked me to go into a small room. she asked me to change my cloth but she didnt said what should i wear. then i saw this curtain like stuff on the bed. and i saw a bathrobe hangin at the door. i was really confused what did she meant by changing my clothes. then i heard she said 'DO NOT USE ANY SHIRT, JEANS AND BRA ON' i was like what the fuck are you sayin ? no bra allowed ? i exchanged my clothes with the bathrobe with no bra on, seriously. then this girl came in. she was like 'fuhhhhhh. put that on', pointing at that curtain stuff. whattttt ? i have to wear that curtain thigy ? hahahaha dammit. i was a bit embarrassed with myself. then i put that curtain on. so this girl started to do her job. she asked me many questions which can be considered a bit lame. she asked bout name, school and everything. then she asked me how old am i. then i said im 15. *silence. she was like whatt ? are you serious ? then i said yes, of course i am. 'i thought you were 19 or 20 years old'. i was like whatttttt ? am i that old ? -________________________-" 

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