Saturday, December 4, 2010


its been a while since i didn't post anything. its december now. ive been waiting for this month to come. christmas is just around the corner. i cant wait. christmas always been the best day for me. but now, the christmas spirit seems to fade away. compare to the last few years i had during christmas, im always eager to celebrate it. with all the dishes, drinks, christmas tree, songs, church im always in a mood. as for this year im not going to celebrate christmas here in malaysia, i surely will miss having a little chit chat with my buddies at night on dec 25th. i remembered i went home walking from my buddy house to my house around 11 p.m. hahaha. i miss that moment. this year, im going to celebrate christmas in hong kong. hopefully i will be in disneyland on dec 25th. but i will surely miss home :(

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