Sunday, December 19, 2010

Maxi dress

yaw, i got my new digital camera yesterday. dad bought it in qatar the other day. hahaha. it's fujifilm finepix s2500. i know im craving for canon, nikon or sth. but fujifilm will do tho. its the first camera brand ever invented. was it ? idk. so im going to hk the day after yesterday. im excited. i bought a new jacket today. its nichhi. i love that jacket. i often seen it on tumblr and now i have it. tehehehe. due to my empty pocket, i didnt buy the dress that i want. im going to go to the nearest store tomorrow to buy a phone cause my dad keep asking me too. he laughed when he saw my black and white with snake game in it yesterday. wtf. i love that phone. but nyway, im going to buy a new phone tomorrow. man, im so excited ! i went to the mall this morning, and hell yea, mom asked me to try a maxi dress. it was gorgeous. sadly, i dislike wearing tube to cover the boobs area. so i didn't buy it. regardless of not buying that dress, i managed to snap a few photos. i'll attach one photo here.

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