Sunday, June 5, 2011

What about them ?

Humans normal thought : I WANT TO KILL MYSELF, I HATE MY LIFE !

what about the person that has to find your body, surrounded by blood ? what about the terror and pain that they'll have to remember for the rest of their lives ? what about them having to feel guilty for being 'too late' everyday of their lives ? what about them holding your body and screaming in agony as they can't even get the strength to leave you to get a phone to call for help ? what about the depression that you'll leave them in ? what about them having to walk away, their clothes soaked in your blood and their tears ? what about them yelling at your paralytic body 'please live, i need you, i love you ! please.' ? what about all the tears you'll cause them that you aren't even aware of ? 
what the fuck about them ? 
life is so fragile, and we fight for it everyday. even against our own hands. when you kill yourself, you're also becoming a murderer. you're killing pieces of the people who love you. you're tearing holes into their hearts that can't even seal with time.


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