Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kick those balls of yours

here comes the day when i thought everything's gonna be okay. yeah sure it is okay. we had each other. what more can i say. but i disagree on how things work now. we are miles apart now. i can't just simply walk on my bare foot just to catch a glimpse at your face. i know it's indeed hard but we have to try don't we darling ?

watching everyone else with their loved one around them makes me feel like imma complete loner. being apart with you doesn't seem to be the greatest thing ever happened to me. you might scare the shit out of me sometimes with your action and stuff but i am in control of all that. i can't imagine how other couple survive when they are in our situation right now. we only had a clean hour to contact everyday excluding the weekends. plus, i will have to cooperate and tolerant with all your excuses whether to be with your friends & etc.

sometimes i do feel like a jellyfish just stinged me right in the heart but i try my very best to understand you. we have to wait for 3 months to meet with each other again. i know things will be completely different then. who knows you will not treat me as you always did but hell yea i'm going to kick your balls lol

there's a lot more to write but i'm just going to lock those thoughts in my mind. till then, i love you darling.


Misch said...

Been there done that. :)
Me & my man havent met each other for about 1 year + and we seldom skype-ing with each other cos of time constraint. he's in d States & here i am stuck in m'sia.
Be strong! :D

pilotHans said...

life isnt measured in minutes, but in moments ;)

Mario said...

Hello Beautrice. I stumbled across your blog. I just wanted to say that you are quite the artist. Your sketchings are great and you are a good writer. You so capture the angst of a relationship separated by miles. Very real and very honest. Good wriitng. Great blog.
I write a blog on food but it is really more about my thoughts on life and relationships. Stop by visit. Follow if you like. That would be cool.