Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear may 27th

dear thursday,

it's may 27th. i hate you. it's the worst day of this month. i'm hating you like hell. its been a hard day for me. i've been hurt today. and the worst is, he could not join me this sunday. btw, mom never gonna let me stay here alone. i hate it.

oh how i wish i can stay. she gave me some choices just now. 'come with me or you can't never ever go for an outing this holiday'. i'm shocked. i don't know what to say. he really want me to stay but i can't simply make a decision myself. it's depends on mom. i'm in between the line now.

thursday, i hate you so much. i've been humiliated by my friends at school this morning. i hate that. i definately hate that like fucking seriously. i'm not mad because ecam screwed my drawing. i don't actually cared about that btw. but it just that i hate when everyone being so hypo. blah. let just keep it. FUGS ! I HATE MAY 27TH !

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