Friday, May 28, 2010

I can't wait

hi earthy :)

i'm hungry. i want to pupu. haha. i can't wait for tomorrow. darling, i'm coming. i won't let you out of my arms tomorrow. i wanna have fun ! lotsa lotsa fun ! i miss you badly. we havent met for 2 weeks. i miss you alot. i miss everything about you. i'll be missing you more later since you can't come with me to kampong. i really hope you can darling.

but it's okay btw. maybe next time. i guess it's not the right time for both of us. i'm watching cj7 right now. i havent watch that movie. so last year of me. haha. awww ! cj7 was the cutest thing ! it was so cute ! and btw, i was rofl watching that movie. gees, i'm about to pee in my pyjamas !

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