Friday, May 28, 2010

Hate that i miss you

fugs ! fugs ! fugs !
our plan is ruined again today. like as usual. none of our outing plans for holiday worked. i hate that. arggh ! i totally hate it. i'm frust. why should everything went wrong at the last minute ? i really hope i can hold you close to me today bu why ?

we could not make it today. we have to wait for next week. gosh. i'll be missing you to death man. i can;t stand this feeling, really. i hate it too much. i'm hoping for the greatest hols but i got the doomest hols instead. oh wait ! do you smell it ? i guess my buttocks were burning. i'm lost. i hate this feeling very very more than the very much. i miss you. i miss you like hell. i really really really really really miss you :'(

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