Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hello world :)

hi :)
so here's my new blog (again). haha. i don't know it's on what number now. oh fugs, i never stick with my old blog. and i don't know why. gah !
and yeah, i hurt my buttocks today. i sit on the chair for 1 hour something. fortunately, i have this big fatty cells in my buttocks. god, thankgoodness, haha.

oh my gosh. i only got 2 answres correct for math today. i'm completely blur with the quest. as the tchr was explaining the answer, it seems so simple. i don't even know why i didn't factorize my answer just now. fugs ! bahaha. and as usual, jay's the one. he got 2 corrects. and both of us didn't factorize our answer. i hope tchr will not ask us to stand during his lessons for 3 weeks. gah ! it will build my musle though. oh yeah, and my buttocks muscle too. haha.

tomorrow, we'll be having our math exam online. i really hope that i can score though. i know i'm not good in math, but at least i try. my marks are getting low now. i've been goofying around too much. exam is coming soon. i have to burn my ass on that chair every night. fugs, that sure a mind squeezing thingy. wish me locuk for tomorrow exam. okay ?

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