Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exam Fever

ulalala. i got bm paper 1 and 2 test tomorrow. and oh yeah, i have to face with math paper 2 tomorrow. gees, i have to prepare squeezing my mind tomorrow. but at least sir muniandy gave some tips today. all the concepts and stuff. since last time i scored very low marks in math, i hope that i will do much much much better tomorrow. i have to stick my mind to the quests. all the graph and translation and indicies and algebraic and and and.. ahh. i really have to focus on the paper tomorrow. (sorry darling, i have to stop thinking about you for a sec, okay ?)

and btw, sir promised to give us something if we scored A in math. but i'm sure it will be some sort of stationary. but i'm okay with that. i'll appreciate it (if i manage to get it though) haha. and yeah, we sat in front of the computer today. clicking the mouse here and there. i had my paper full of calculation. i really really really don't know how to answered it. the math quests is not the one that we had study before. i got only20 quests correct out of 30. blah. haha.

all form 3 krk students, goodluck for tomorrow exam okay ? wish all of us manage to achieve our target. or else we will have to burn our ears by listening to penguin. haha. may God guide us in answering all the quests tomorrow. Amen :)

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