Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hoping for the best

hello hello hello

exam is over ! and hols have just started. i know it's kinda late for displaying my happiness in this blog of mine. it's the second day for hols. i'm loving it. haha. even though it has been quite a rough day for me for the past few days, but i managed to get through all of it now. all of that matters is to have fun, people. i mean, i hols isn't it ? it supposed to be fun. it's a must okay ?

i finally manage to breathe out a relief breathe *is that even a sentence ? blah. idc. haha. i got 75 for my geography ! wohoo ! from 55 to 75. 20 marks ! how's that uh ? that was such a pleasure ! i can;t stop smiling as i knew about my geography marks last thursday. i could not get an A for geography but at least i got B. besides, i scored B for my khb. i did maintain my gred. but the marks ? it drops drastically. haha. from 77 to 65. oh no ! but i did spending a lot of time on khb than geography as those two subjects were on the same day. i didn't even learnt my geography that time. weird isn't it ? i better stay my buttocks away from that hell chair for upcoming exams. haha.

i'm afraid of my history marks. last time shance checked her paper with dennis. i asked for the paper from dennis and i have a look at it. from the first quests until quests number 30, i answered 6 quets wrongly. wtf ? i really really really hopee that i can still maintain my B gred. i'm really hoping for it though. science ? 1 got 35 over 40 for paper 1. lame. still the same with the last exam. paper 2 ? i don't know my marks yet. wish for the best, human.

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