Saturday, May 29, 2010

Such a confussion

hello human :)

it's sunday. i'm not going to the church today. mom's busy with her stuff. preparing here and there. i'm thinking for an outing with her today. we will be going to kampong tomorrow. mom's in between the line right now. she has been preparing all the cookies and biscuits and cakes for gawai. but dad didn't give us any premission to go to kampong. he was afraid that mom might be lost. but she told us that there were so many signboards there. i'm not really into that conversation since it was between mom and dad. it's not my probs, really.

i was still thinking about the things that he warned me about yesterday. although one of it did make me hot. but i did try to control it though. i guess he was still been hunted by those nightmares. i'm really really really sorry. i didn't mean to do that kinda stuff. but why can't he trust me this time ? i was wondering the whole night thinking bout it. maybe i should keep it by myself. blah :\

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