Sunday, May 30, 2010

I started to feelsomething weird

hell yeah !

i'm not going back to kampong today. mom canceled the plan just now. i'm loving it. haha. i'm not going to celebrate gawai at kampong this year. maybe next year. i'm not going to meet with my cousins from kuching though. i was a little upset with that. i haven't meet them like 2 years already. i miss grandmama. i miss her so much much much much the very much. omg ! i suddenly felt like i wanted to go there. sick ! haha.

i'm not going anywhere today. i'm just going to stay at home. i'm bored and it's just 12.25 p.m. how can i survive today ? just wait and see. i don't know what to do though. it's monday and this is the only week where i can go out for an outing and sleep until noon. i'm going to have hipers classes for the next 2 weeks. ugh !

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