Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'll be leaving soon

it's tomorrow ! tomorrow ! tomorrow !
i'll be off to kampong tomorrow. we'll be leaving bintulu at 6.00 a.m. it's too early for me. i'm still in my blankies, usually. i hate that i would be missing my darling so much much much much the very much. i still have 10 hours left. the remainding time must be used prefectly.

i had prepared my reload cards just now. i'll call him later. i miss his voice. i miss his everything. i can still feel your warm darling. i miss it very much. i was wondering what will happen to me in 3 days from now w/o texting him and hearing his voice. fugs ! nightmares. i hope that i'll survive. i surely hope. take care darling. i would not give you any good night kisses, wish you good morning like i always did everyday, calling you every night, listen to everything you have to say and etc. i'll not doing those stuffs for 3 days straight. omg ! i hate that.

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