Thursday, May 20, 2010

That's it !

omg !
i sat for the test today. bm papers are killing me. i did the section D essay for the last minute. oh fugs, i'm screwed. i didn't even write the quests for section A 2. i'm just going to prepare myself for mdm. saba. let just hope that she will not going to tear my paper. bm paper one is quite easy this time. but i'm really weak in the comprehension part. i hate it the most ! bahaha.

paper two was the toughest one. i never had enough time to complete all those 4 essays in 2 hours. i did my section B teribbly. damn fugs. i don't really know what i'm writing actually. gah ! one prob, the school never provide us with clock. i wrote the last two paragraphs with nonsense things since the tchr told us that we had 10 minutes left. i haven't started my section D yet ! fugs, i think i did my section D for only 5 minutes and i don't know what i'm writing about. haha.

fug it ! i did my math graph wrongly. how come i don't know how to do it ! the quests asked for 2 cm equal to 10 units. i thought that one really big square equal to 1 unit. but the truth is, half o the big square is actually one ! argh ! i'm doom about that. let just hope that sir muniandy will not call my name during the assembly. i'll be humilliating myself. i'm doing fine with indicies. but i was too careless while calculating. all the concept is correct. but it comes to the part where i have to simplify the answer, i was lost to nowhere. stupid me !

no credits today. i miss you darling. wish me luck to find that missing reload card. i'll call you later okay ? i heart you darling :)

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