Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Americans' teens

hi earthy :)

i was searching for Maury Povich show just now. there was one of his show that was about these young girls. they were desprated to have a baby. most of them were around 13, 14 and 15. but the one that caught my eyes was about a girl name Victoria. she's 15 and she wanted to have a baby. she bought all kinds of baby toys, clothes, diapers and everything. she even had an unprotected sex over that 500 times. more supprisingly, she told her mother that she had sex in the playground, mall and even on the school stairs.

what the fuck with these teens ? i mean, they are so desprate to have a baby in their adolesence stage. they say that they will be popular, cool and whatever it is to have a baby. and the sickest thing is, they don't even care who's the father is. they're losing there mind. having an unprotected sex with so many different guy. they don't even think about all the diseases they could get. having a baby at their age is not the right choice. some of them have to quit school just to take care of their young ones. don't they know how to think before they act ?

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