Thursday, June 3, 2010

Justin Bieber

so all human on the earth, as i mentioned just now, it's about Justin Bieber. and yes, it's JUSTIN BIEBER. any fans out there ? oh yes, there you are. and i know how much all of you (us) adore this guy. you will go wild when anyone, the radio, tv, etc mention about Justin Bieber. and definately, his appearence can't be deny. it's common for all teens star. their appearence is the main thing that catch everyone eyes, especially teens nowadays as they're the one who will stick their butt on the chair sitting in front of the computer and their lappies or whatever that is.

switch your channel to mtv, v tv, now and you will see Justin Biebers' videos. it's everywhere. has anyone sick of seeing his face everywhere now ? YES ! we can't deny that fact too. and as we can see, there are many rumors about JB. some of them even say that JB is a gay. omg ! is that true ? i can't answer that one but let us view back okay ? has anyone search for JB 'baby' full clip ? if you did, do you notice that he actually kiss that girl ? if you don't have any eye problem, it's not impossible for you to spot that scene.

and for the past few days, my bro searched for 'BABY PARODY' and yes, that's parody. that guy was fucking sick. he remake the song. but it was quite creative actually. haha. and btw people, that usher guy, he looks kinda real. he really did look like usher. 5 stars :)

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