Friday, June 4, 2010

Bandslam (2009) Pictures, Images and Photos
BANDSLAM ! i was so excited about this movie when i searched for the movie these past few days. haha. another movie of Vanessa Hudgens (again). like any other movie, there must be some scenes where those people romancing here and there. i think it's similar to Camp Rock. but i'm not quite sure. why don't you just read the sypnosis and watch the trailer okay ? btw, it's 2009 movie though. i was so last year. nvm. just check it out. okay ?

sypnosis : Teenager Will Burton lives in his head, and his head is filled with music. When his mother, Karen Burton, gets a new job in New Jersey, Will starts his junior year at a new school only to find the old cliques still apply, but rock-n-roll rules the scene. Perpetually a misfit, Will strikes up a friendship with like-minded outsider Sa5m (the 5 is silent). They are both surprised when the school's "it" girl, Charlotte recruits Will to help assemble a band to compete in "Bandslam," a battle of the bands that is "Texas High School Football BIG." Charlotte's ex-boyfriend Ben Wheatly is poised to win with his band Glory Dogs - Springsteen wannabes down to their hats. For the first time in his life, Will finds he is uniquely suited to not only participate in something, but to truly make a difference.

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