Friday, June 4, 2010

Wake up call

hello human :)

i don't know what to write here today. well, i'm completely blank right now. blablabla. i keep hearing this word in my head. what happen to me ? am i insane or something ? gosh ! i hate this keyboard. i keep typing words with wrong spelling. its all this keyboard fault. i put the blame on it. haha.

back to the past, i was a normal little girl. went to kindergarden together with other kids, primary school and now i'm in secondry school. i hate the fact that i was getting old day by day. i wish i was me when i was little. where mom used to put on this little dress to me. combed my hair. i used to sit beside her and brought all my story books. there i was, reading all those books to her. i missed that moments alot.

i missed my primary schools friends. i missed the way we used to hang out together. i remembered that i always skipped extra class in the evening just to go to the school backyard where there's a big tree, see-saw and swings. i was the one who climbed up that tree. i used to pretend to be the toughest one of all. haha. i missed the way we'll sat on the see - saw and talked about everything. we laughed together. that see - saw was broken but we still make it go up so high until i fall to the ground. i would laughed so hard until i can hardly breathe.

i missed the moment when all of us used to sit on the grass eventhough it's hot but we don't mind. i missed the moment when i joined the futsal team. it's not really a futsal team. its more to football as we played in the field. we didn't play with the ball actually. we played with the mud of course ! i remembered that all of us will slided in the mud and we didn't feel a thing. but as i went home, i can feel the pain. those scars but i don't mind.we still do the same thing the next day.haha. i missed the way tchr Dylan cam to class and will start mumbling just about everything we can imagine. he didn't teach us anything but we were very very excited when he was about to tell us his nonsence story. i missed the way he would make us laugh so hard with his little joke. i missed the way where he had a little 'battle of a dance' with Shafiq. i really missed tchr Dylan. i missed the way we called him TEACHER. but as we were in the secondry school, no teachers wanted to be call as TEACHER.

in this secondry life, i tried so hard to understand it. it's confusing most of the time. nothing remains the same. study's getting harder and harder. people ? they changed and remained. no words can really described. pmr is coming soon. some has change and others are still goofying around. everyone is hoping for the best but no one realize that everyone have their own oppurtunity in front of them. each of us have our own goal. it's up to us to achieve it. and i don't know why i'm being so sentimental but it's the fact people. wake up !

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