Monday, June 7, 2010

Bye bye facebook

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hell yeah. it's been a while since i didn't open open my facebook account. i was forbidden from logging in to facebook. i do miss it though. haha. but i'm so lazy of approving everything here and there. there are tonnes of them. i hate clicking the button 'confirm'. my computer with catch a disease then. it will stuck ! i hate it when my computer stuck. feel like i wanna kick it. but guess what i get after that ? 10 broken toenails.

and yes, i hate those people with fake ID. i wanna delete them but it takes time as i don't spend much time on facebook anymore. they used fake profile picture. some of them even stole others picture. thank God i was not one of the victim. and those nosy people, i hate them too. you see, i really hate facebooking when i heard this POP sound from that chat thingy. i tried to ignore them but i hate it when they say 'girl, you're being so conceited'. what the fuck with that ? i don't even know them and they say that i'm arrogant ? and thats why, i just wanna say goodbye facebook. i still love you though. i miss you so much :(

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