Monday, June 7, 2010

I don;t know what i'm typing about

dear no one,

i'm not expecting anyone to read or view my blog and so i take this oppurtunity to write anything in here. i'm free to write anything. haha. and yes, i'm a girl with nothing. worthless but i'm not a bitch. i don't even know why i'm typing this. i don't know why i'm saying myself like that. its not that i don't like being me. i love being me, seriously. but i hate the fact that everyone hate who i am. they don't clearly show it though. i don't mean EVERYONE. i refer it to certain people only. i've been wondering why ? why ? WHY ? why everyone wants me to be something that i'm not ? why everyone wants me to be something more that i don't even think that i can do it. and if i don't be the things that they want me to, they'll put the blame on me instead of themselves. why ? i keep on asking why 'cause i absolutely don't get it.
i'm clueless. i hate when people expect me to give somthing more to them, sometimes. why can't they just love me as who i am ? i seriously hate it when they want me to be perfect. perfect in everthing. i often came across a quote saying 'nobodys perfect' but still, there's somebody out there expecting me or anyone else to be perfect. is it really important ? people, there's nobody perfect, okay ? everyone make mistakes. you, everyone, anyone. try to accept this fact. don't expect too much from someone. try to except who they really are and please, try to love them and don't take advantages of thier weaknesses. love others as God loves us.

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