Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lets talk about love

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lets talk about love, shall we ?

love ? whats that suppose to mean, anyway ? does it mean anything for human being ? of course it does, does it ? don't deny it human :) we often say that 'love will make the world go round' or 'love make us feel the world is ours' or anything. does it really make you feel that way ? is it true the world is yours when you're in love ? that phrases were often said by the Anonymous. they definate love that way. but, do you definate love like the way they definated it ? ask yourself that random question.

well let us take a view at the other side. love is such a universal thing. it can refer to anyone. God, family, friends, love one or anyone. but today, as a 15 years old girl, i just wanna talk about love to the love one okay ? i know it might be silly for me to talk about it but hell, who cares btw. teenagers, they are the one that are mostly involve in this love thingy. everyone wants to love and to be loved. everyone wants to learn how to love. oh please, don't deny it okay ? it's like EVERYONE. and yes, i mean EVERYONE ! don't feel sick to talk about.

we often hear a news of a young teen couple broke up and die. some of them are dying for love. in this case, it may lead to suicidal. it's often said that youngsters are not mature enough in this love thing. they may not think deeply when they do something that may risk. it will take their live. and yes, they say that it's because of love. do you really need to suicide if you fail in love thingy ? it's ridiculous. i came across one story about these two angels on youtube. there are two teens. madly in love. this boy dies and the girl suicides. the boy becomes an angel and he stays in the heaven while this girl becomes an angel but she stays in the hell. they don't even meet again. we often hear people say 'heaven can wait' and 'meet me in heaven' but if you do stuff like this, there's no way you can meet again, unless both of you suicide. then, maybe both of you will go to the same place. hopefully.

as a conclusion, i'm so lazy of typing today. there are more to type but i'm so lazy. i wanna eat. i'm hungry ! no one's at home. i'm all alone. loner loner loner. lame :\

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