Thursday, June 17, 2010


zomg !

i found these pictures just now. haha. it's been a long time. i forgot to upload it. but some of them i did upload it on facebook. i think i'm gonna upload some of it here. it reminds me of the two of them so much. i miss hanging out with van and benny. i did spend some time with van these 3 weeks of hols since we went to hipers together. and btw, i skip class again today. it's 8 hours class today and i didn't come. haha. i didn't hang out with benny during these hols. i miss him. he did ask me to hang out together but unfortunately, i was not home. its like everytime he asked me to, i was not in. dammit. hahaha.

haha. i was lmao looking at this picture. we set the self timer and put the cam on some bricks, i think.and then, van and i were busy stepping on benny's foot. he tried to smile even though he was in pain. haha.

zomg ! i really really really heart this picture. we were on the top of the hills. credits to benny. he's the one who took this picture. van and i tried to jump as high as we could. we had a few trials before we managed to capture this one. all of the trials were really bad. the pictures were captured after we had landed. hahaha.

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