Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hoping for the best

its been a while since i didn't post anything in this blog. i seldom online-ing these days. i'm busy with school and hipers. i have to face the books for 24/7 and i'm going nuts day by day. hahaha.

all the papers were already given by the teachers. and yah, i did improve for this exam. i have to spend more times with books that anything else. 3 months left for all of us. i have to struggle hard. very very very hard. extremely hard for pmr. i;m sick and tired of goofying around. but still, i did. i spent 10 hours in school. 2 hours break, 2 hours to study and the rest is for texting and sleeping. can u imagine how i spend my time everyday ? i did not have good sleep for these past few days. i had this black bag underneath my eyes. i hate how it looks like. i look like a panda with these black bag. haha. i'm not well prepared yet for pmr. i was afraid of it but i can't wait for it at the same time. the reason why i can't wait for pmr is i wanna enjoy. i can't wait to get over that one week of hell actually. i'll be free doing nothing after that. now thats heaven. haha. i can do anything i want w/o anyone scolded me after that. i can sleep whenever i want to. how i wish time can pass quickly. but still, i was concerned about my study. i have to get over with my weakest subjects. i was looking forward for the best in this pmr :) :) :)

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