Friday, July 9, 2010

Love is in the air

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during my whole life, i never realised how important it was to be a girl, a human, a daughter, a student, a friend and a child of God. how i wish i realise it sooner. how unlucky am i for not appreciating the small things that had happened to me. as the saying goes, small things might be important. its a learning process. every human made mistakes. and im one of them. everyday i tried to be as good as i can but sometimes, things turn out to be the opposite way instead. although everything seems to be  'not-so-perfect' but i try to accept it. in the end, the warm feeling inside that matter the most. the feeling of gratitude. the big smile on the face make it worth sometime. as life goes on, i keep on thinking why the hell should i exist in this world. as the learning process gets tougher, i realise that its not the people that make you feel complete, but the things around you as well. your friends will always be with you no matter in what condition or state you are. but sometimes, friends will go away according to their surrounding. they will not stick together unless they're really BESTFRIEND. this kinda friend is rarely existed. if you could find one, then you're considered as the luckiest person on earth. as for family, they will stay for you no matter what. unlike friend, even though how bad you are in whatever you're doing, they'll still accept you and forgive every single mistake that you made. the endless love from our parents can never be replace. but the love that we should mostly adore is the love of God. thats the love of life. some people might think that religion is stupid. but remember people, God did not force us to accept him in our life. it's our decision whether to let him fulfill our life with his love or not. it's up to us. what matter the most is, love those who love you, bless those who hate you, pray for those who curse you. i love you JESUS. ttfn :)

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