Thursday, July 1, 2010

Positive progress

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hey human !
i miss this blog. its been a while since i didnt post anything here. i've been really busy lately. school, hipers and surviving on a daily basis. hahaha. i got no new story or anything here. im bored. cant wait for the fusion hair extension this saturday. the prime minister will be in bintulu next saturday. tchr did ask us just now whether we wanted to join some sort of seminar. seriously, i have no idea 'bout it. i bet they'll talk and talk and talk until noon, thats for sure. lets see, i had this strong force within me. it kept on telling me 'go to the library ! finish your work ! stick to the note ! and blablabla'. and guess what ? i did spend every single afternoon, for this week in the library. i did finish my work on time although i delayed some of it. hahaha. i was quite impressed with the positive progress especially towards book. i spent less time with phone as everyone's busy. i felt sick online-ing. so, as a conclusion, i'm trying really hard to improve myself. there're 97 days for pmr. 54 days not including the holidays. im not ready yet. i have to prepare for the next exam on 23 august. 3As is not enough for me. i need moreeeeeeee. hahaha. im craving for chocolate milkshake right now and i don't even know why. i never finish my milkshake every time i buy it escpecially when i drink it in the mall. it's so cool, plus the airconnd in the mall. i hate holding the milkshake. i'll freeze my hand everytime i hold it. hahaha. lame story. thank you. ttfn :)

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