Friday, July 23, 2010

This is what we aimed for

dear earthly people ! i miss you ;) hahaha

its been a while since i didnt write anything in this shitty kinda blog of mine. i havent upgrade anything yet. i had no idea what to write so yah, im totally blank. hahaha. there's a lot of things happened for the past few weeks. all of us were in a high spirit when we discussed 'bout going to miri. we planned 'bout all the things that we decided to do there. van and i had already searched for the hotels, flight tickets and all that stuff. but sure enough, pmr is still just around the corner. it kept on hunting us. although we're in a quite stressed situation right know whereby we had to focus in our study and relax at the same time, miri was the factor that kept us awake from being lazy and continue to focus ! i never thought that i would be this hardworking to revise all the topics from form 1 until form 3. all of us kept on holding books everytime whenever we're free. thats the spirit ! all of us aimed for 7 A's in this upcoming trial as well as the real pmr exam. we thought that it would be more pleasuring to have fun in miri with all the 35 A's we got. hahaha. but im sure that its not impossible for us, really. we made a deal last week. whoever got 7A's or more A's from the others will win. the rest will pay rm 20 per person to the winner. none of us wanna be a loser and sacrifice those rm 20. we started to work hard. btw, i wont give my rm 20 to any of you. bahaha ;D