Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello, thank you

yaawwwwwww ;)

its been a while since i didnt log in to my dearest blog. i came up with nothing so it was a waste for me to type anything here since nothing much happened. we're going to have our trial exam next week. omg ! and the deal begin. i almost forgot 'bout rm20 ! hahaha. i'll put my best foot forward for this trial exam. treat it as the real pmr. but there were rumours 'bout math for pmr 2010. they say that math paper 1 will be tough whereby the paper 2 is easy. how i wish i can score for the construction quests. there, i dont know what to type anymore. im leaking of ideas. oh yeah, we had our injection today. i was painful, really. jay said that he was a chicken but the chicken was the first who dare to take the injection instead. hahaha. btw, i still cant beat joseph in history. dammit ! grrrrrrrr -.-"

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