Thursday, September 9, 2010

lets get serious !

okay, seriously, 26 days left for pmr. im not ready yet. im suppose to spend as much time in front of the books but i i spend so much time in front of my laptop instead. thats sick. how i wish i can spend my time on books as much as i spend my times with facebook, tumblr, etc. dammit. hahaha. i havent done my homework yet. essay, literature, math, they're too much for me to do. i dont even have a time to study. why did teachers stil gave us homework for the last few weeks away before exam ? whhyyyyy ? ;'O how i wish there was no homework at all and at least i can spend my 2 hours to face my history and khb. i havent memorise all the technical stuffs. i hate those stuffs. even if i read it for million times, still i will not get it. hahahaha. oh ya, if only the pmr quests is just 'bout the primary school stuff. fill in the bracket with the letter AB or C. fill in the numbers for instance. simple ! it would be a dream comes true if thats really happen. hoping for a large number of dorkers sitting for pmr this year so that the grade will be low. muahahaha. i am evil, am i ?

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