Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh dear hayley william

oh hayley william. she's just amazing. i love her. i love her everything. especially her hair and her style. i admire her so much. especially her hair ! hahaha. i dont know how many times i have to type that. but her hair is just amazing. i want her hair ! wait until pmr is over. im going to dye my hair like yours dear hayley william ! muahahaha. id not care even if my head is going to be hairless in the future. hahaha. i dyed my hair many times already. i dyed it again yesterday. fuck the school. they said that there will be a spotcheck. until this afternoon and it's almost time for us to go home, there was no spotcheck. i was like FFFFFFFUUUUU ! hahahaha. i have to wait for a month and a half before having a great hair like yours dear hayley. i love you. hahahaha x'D

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