Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally, the day is here

finally, the day has arrived ! tomorrow is the day for all pmr candidates to show what they have learnt since form 1. i'll never let this golden opportunity flies away. i'll show to everyone that i can. i'll never satisfy with 3 or 4 As as usual. i want more. i want 7As ! that wont be a great deal for me. with all the supports and prayers from friends and family, im hoping for the best result. with all my prayers, i believe that God will guide me through everything for these two weeks. good luck everyone. do the best for pmr or else, you will regret it. pmr is not something that you can repeat. it's a once in a life time chance. dont waste it with your stupidity. you can still play and goofing around next year. but just dont waste these 4 days okay ? hoping for the best everyone. good luck. God bless you ;') 

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