Monday, October 11, 2010



finally pmr is over and freedom is finally here. i could never think of anything makes me excited other than this. byebye pmr. although i know im gonna miss you but hell yeah, hello freedom. bahaha. and now, i can do whatever i want to. no want will nag me anymore. i freeeeeeeeeee. pmr has been a good time for all of us. although sometimes we have to sacrifice everything (almost) but i guess it will be paid off on Dec 27th. enjoy Christmas and 2 days later, grieving ! dammit. harhar. tomorrow, we're going to the mall. again although we're going there for no reason but still, it's gonna be our final choice. where else can we go ? hahaha. 

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Wendy Saran said...

hehe. yar, seriously. ! so damn appy. ;)