Monday, October 18, 2010

Shit !


okayyy so i skipped school since last thursday. i skipped without any reasons last thursday and friday. but yesterday i was so sick so i skipped school again until today. and so here i am sitting in front of my lappy while others are in school. seriously, i hate school now. i never thought it could be this bored after pmr. i thought it would be great but damn it was bored. i was like AWWWWW BORED !!! GET THE HELL SHIT OUT OF ME ! i swear i'll shit hearing those teachers nagging us to come to school. i didnt prepare any letter. they said if you were absented for 20 days straight, your name will not be in form 4 list never year. i mean who the hell would care stupid ! and oh btw, i am so bored at home. hahaha.

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