Monday, August 22, 2011

Lord, i miss you.

Oh Lord, i don't know how to describe my feeling at this time. i miss you so much Lord. i miss having a person who can lead me back to you. help me to get to know you better like when i was in college. i miss having praise and worship every Sunday. i get really anxious when it comes to praise and worship session. 

Lord, i miss having these warm and safe feelings because i know You are always with me every step that i take everyday in my life. now, i'm feeling like i'm too far from you. i seek for you only when i'm in difficulty. i feel guilty for having to live like this as day passes by. I miss having this great confidence in myself because i know i can count on you to lead me to achieve my goals as i am full of faith.

there's this camp on this Friday. i wish i could be there but i know, temptation is everywhere. there's always something that would prevent me to get to know and lifted your name high. i love you Lord and all my wasted heart will bring you praise forever.

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