Saturday, May 22, 2010

It scares me

oh fugs !

i watched A nightmare on elm street just now. fugs ! it scared me to death. the guy, i don't really remember his name. i think it was freddy something, but who cares btw. haha. wow ! it creeps me out. luckily, i didn't peed in my pants. bahaha.

i'm thinking of searching for other story though. i'll search for it in youtube later. mom's not here. i'm all alone with my bro. i was thinking of calling my darling. oh how i wish my bro is with my mother now. he'll sit right there watching over some humans blowing my mom's hair here and there. i just want to stay alone in this eerie house. oh wait ! i don't want to, really. fugs ! i'm better of searching for something right away ! ttfn.

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