Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kelsey smith briggs

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i've told all of you that i was going to find other scary story. and yeah, i did try to search for it. but in the end, i was bored like (extremely bored) and i end up searching for a story of child abuse. gosh, it made me sad. the saddest case was about kelsey smith briggs. it caught my eyes. she was only 3 when she died. her mother was divorced with her father. she had a very close bond with her father.

back in those 2 years, she was like any other child. she was a little active angel. but then, her moher started to date a guy named i-dont-remember-who. that's when they started noticing some changed in kelsey. she was then sent to her grandma briggs. and then she was sent back to her mother. her father was a soldier. he went off for a war in iraq if i'm not mistaken. i forgot already. haha.

then, she was abused by her mother's boyfriend. but before that, she broke her 2 legs. i think it's because of her stepfather. i dont really remember that part. okay, back to the story. when she was abused by her stepfather (some of them told that she was sexually abused) but im not quite sure about it. her mother didnt do anything on her new husband's action.

she was then found dead. there were all bruises on her body. and the worst was, there were some damaged in her skull. i dont really know in details. her bones were broken here and there. her body was black and blue. she was found dead a day before her father came back from a war. her father was supposed to come home and hugging his little angel. but he came home and had to burried her dead body instead. the abuser was sentenced to jail for 30 years. her mother was sentenced to jail too. but only for 27 years for she was found guilty for legally let her new husband abused kelsey.

i was touched by this story. i felt like i wanted to cried as i read it. the abuser was supposed to sentence to death not jail ! it's not fair, really. he took away a little girl's life but the goverment just locked him in the prison without taking serious action. rubbish ! he deserved more that just staying in the cell. let just pray for little kelsey. she'll be fine in God's hand. rest in peace little angel :')

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