Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do not follow !

hello earthy people. hahaha

i love tumblr. i checked my followers just now. there were 119 followers. the last time i checked it, there were 121. where's the other 2 ? fuck it. the boobies shakers unfollowed me. hahaha. i hate it when people followed and then unfollowed. if you think you can't keep up your butt  with me, just don't click the 'follow' button okay. but i don't really care 'bout it btw. tumblr is just for fun people. no arguments required. all the photos and text and whatever there is in tumblr, its for everyone to reblog. there's no sign says that you can't reblog certain post. i never came across a post saying 'DO NOT REBLOG THIS' but 'REBLOG IF YOU ..blablabla' instead. does that make any sense ? does that clear for showing people that you may reblog it anytime anywhere. people, there's no such thing as 'do not reblog' okay. they won't put any reblog button at the top of your post if you're forbidden to reblog anything. think 'bout it !

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