Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swear words

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ya read the tittle eh ? you think you're good enough in swear words ? guess what ? there tonnes of other swear words or as we called it 'bad words/curse words' out there. i have no idea why i'm typing about this swear word thingy. its just that i hate hearing people cursing others. but the fact was, they used the impropriate words. yes, thats what the fuck is all about. hahaha.

when we were young, parents taught us not to use any curse words. we did listen to them. but now, we're the one who often use that kinda word. even the kids in elementary school know some of the curse word. they've been exposed to such words. but for us, the teenagers, the one that still in the adolesence stage, we're the one who use that word alot. haha. well, as you can see, some people think that they're cool when they say that kinda stuff. but others, they're probably mad and misused the words causing youngsters to take it as an example.

besides, there're so many curse words out there. there're even some of it seems ridiculous but hilarious at the same time. i do not encourage you to use this kinda word but think about it. some may feel like a cool cocksucker saying that curse word out loud. thats sick seriously. ergh :/

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