Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello wednesday

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i was exhausted. extremely tired today. but the weirdest thing is, i didn't do anything today. i woke up at 7.15 (but hoping that it's still 6 something) prepared for hipers and there i was, coming into the lab. i was looking for this particular figure. and i waited until 8 something and surely, she's not coming. i skipped class yesterday. i didn't plan on skipping class today 'cause it's Science and again, van's the one who skipped class today. i totally bored. but i did survive 'till the end though haha. we did some experiments and question papers. and guess what ? i got 50 outta 60 today. but actually, we did that paper last week. some improvement. hope that i can still maintain it. haha.

my tight muscle hurts. i climbed up and down the rocky mountains (as i called it) the day before yesterday. i was extremely actived. impressive ! wah. haha. and yes, i did go to the BBQ there wiith van. yes ! she's my partner in crime. oh yeah, we planned to go to the other side of idontknowwhatitscalled so that both of us can play with the sand and whatever there is. and ended up climbing the hills again. we shouted 'maniacally'. she hurted her knees. but we managed to play with the salty water at last. it was fun. totally. but we didn't capture any pictures as i didn't bring my phone with me. what a regret. some of them shots some pictures but i was not in it :'(

i plan on skipping 8 hours class tomorrow. tomorrow subjects are English and Geography. i'm thinking about asking WCM about my English paper tomorrow. but still, i don't want to wake up so early. i talked with TK just now. she asked me to write a letter. i was like -.-' hahaha. she will be teaching us again this friday with 8 hours class. i guess i'll just attend 1 class for 8 hours this hols. and btw, i've an outing with mom tomorrow. hahaha

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