Friday, June 25, 2010

No offense okay ?

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hello human, i managed to survive today. how lucky am i. haha. i survived my hipers class too yaw. we had an exam for geography. i didnt have any preparation so i just shot it in the dark. but i did focus during history. i did my papers properly.

i have history class tomorrow. my dream to wake up until noon on this saturday is blown away. gah ! i had no idea what to say. i had no idea what to type. my mind was completely blank. everyone said that 'blog is for confessing' or 'blog is my online diary' or 'i can write anything i want' but think again peeps, sure it could be your 'online diary' but dont you think that its too public ? i mean, anyone can read it especially those who follow you. yes, sure you can set your blog to private but still, it's useless darling. people can still request to view your blog and at the same time, you'll feel that you wanna let them view it. you know why ? 'cause it'll be useless for you to manage your blog, make it as beautiful as you can w/o anyone viewing it. you get my point here ? besides, confessing anything you want ? common people. do you think no one will view your blog ? you're wrong ! by the time you're typing what you really feel whether its positive or negative, you'll think twice. or maybe trice. believe me. your finger will automatically pressing the 'backspace' button and thinking that if it is really a good idea to confess anything here. or maybe 'what if others will read this ?' or 'what if (the person that's related to the post) read this ? how will she/he feel ?' that is the toughest thing isnt it ? at that point, you'll think that its not easy to write anything you want on the net unless no one knows who you are. and btw, writing anything you want ? sure. people always confuse whether to write in english or malay or any other language. but it's up to them, really. the point is, they always afraid to post anything wondering if they're using the right words, tenses, spelling, or anything especially when they're writing in english. and thats the reason why sometimes it's hard to post anything here. you have to think and think and think of what you want to write. well, it happens to me. hahaha. i know people just simply type anything they want. but sometimes, it doesnt make any sense. some of the thing that they're writing is totally nonsence. i'm not trying to be rude here but its the truth. for instance, 'i luvvvv my sygxxx. me wan to hug himmmm' i was lmao when i came across these kinda sentences. hahaha. but sometimes, its even worse. i was squeezing my mind trying to understand what the hell they're talking 'bout. do you think every human who stop just to take a view of your blog will understand what are you trying to say ? NO. so take a while and think 'bout this. it'll make sense in the end. trust me. oh yeah, no offense okay ? cheese :)


Anonymous said...

That is still the choice for the writer. If the writer is deemed an idiot, so it shall be.

-To err who is human.

Beautrice Alex N. said...

yea, hahaha